16 de junio de 2011

I feel happy inside, maybe not too much but a little.

If i'm not a frick , so we can say that i'm a normal girl in a frick world. I think that is more easy say that, but. Is that the  true? I really don't know, and meaby don't care. So, now It's  time to think why am i writing that little shit?
But doesn't make seans awnser that, 'cause the answer it's going to be wrong. That's patetic and really selly, (I think that It's write like that, but I'm not sure)

The question really, is not the fricks of that fucking world. i think that the question is that I'm really crazy. 
And the worse is that i feel more sure, writing in english just for the reason that maybe some persons didn't understand it  :)  YES; It's patetic, but What it isn't ? So, i'm happy after all, 'cause "after all"  all is patetic, or not? I pay for someone that can answer me that. I'm thinking in stop to write because this texte hasn't got any seance.
Good bye, I'm going to strawberry fields, cause nothing is real and there's nothing to get houng about!

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